House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens - Tips to Clean Bathroom
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House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens - Tips to Clean Bathroom

There are number of ways to remove dirt, grime and stubborn stains from your bathroom. During the house cleaning there is no need to buy expensive commercial cleaners for your bathroom as you can create your own homemade cleaners just by using items that are already in your pantry. Follow tips by House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens in order to create your own eco friendly homemade cleaners.


Hide your stuff:

When you are house cleaning make sure that all of your hair, bobby pins, extra toothbrush, extra toothpaste that are lying around get them out of sight immediately. You can store your hair in a plastic bag or under the sink and then throw them away. Like this you can keep control of the clutter and keep your bathroom clean and shiny.


Clean the air:  

During the house cleaning process, If your bathroom smells stale then you should use a scented candle in your bathroom by which you can finish the odor or even you can use a scented room diffuser that is made up of essential oils, so, be aware of traditional room deodorizing sprays as they can be bad for your respiratory system.   


Dust the floor:

If you have got a bathroom made up of tiles then you need to take a bucket and then add detergent and one gallon of water. After that take a mop and dip in the solution and sweep it. You can even use a broom and a dustpan to remove the debris that is present in your bathroom. Both of them are going to take less time during the house cleaning.   


Empty the trash can:

During the house cleaning process, one of the most important thing is to clean and empty the trash can of your bathroom. Put a fresh plastic bag inside the trash can but before that you should spray inside of the can with the disinfecting cleaner to kill all of the bacteria and germs that are present inside.


Put the fresh Towels:

During the house cleaning process make sure that you remove all of the used towels from your bathroom that are dirty and replace them with the new fresh towels which includes hand towels, full towels.

If you are expecting guests in your house then replace the towels with the stash of fancy paper guest towels to make the occasion more special.  


Clean the toilet bowl:

During the house cleaning process, make sure that you wash your toilet bowl as there are germs and bacteria build up inside it. For that you should pour ¼ cup of borax in the toilet bowl and swish it with the toilet brush.


After that you need to add 1 cup of vinegar in the toilet bowl and allow the mixture to sit for at least 20-30 minutes. In the end, finish the entire process by scrubbing it with the toilet brush. Once you are done with house cleaning flush the toilet to rinse.


If you need help with house organization then contact your local house cleaning palm beach gardens now.