Save Time and Money by Cleaning Your Deep Freezer
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Save Time and Money by Cleaning Your Deep Freezer

The deep freezer is one of the most neglected areas in your house during the house cleaning. It stays so cold that it doesn’t stink easily as the fridge does. The problem with deep freezer is that when you decide to clean, it’s grossly overdue. Here are a few tips by House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens to take are of your freezer without ruining your afternoon. 


What do you need:

Before you start house cleaning your deep freezer, try to get all of the supplies together. Otherwise you will have to leave your freezer and rush to the nearest grocery store. 


- Sponge

- Paper towels

- Vinegar 

- Water 

- Baking soda 

- toothbrush 


The cleaning process: 

1. Empty the freezer

When house cleaning the first thing you need to do is empty your freezer that is full of food. Take this opportunity to remove all of the food that is either expired or really old. If you have got a large freezer then you need to do this house cleaning process in stages to take things out or you can transfer food to your neighbours or put it in a cooler with ice packs. 


2. Defrost the freezer

When house cleaning, most of the freezers don’t get the frost build up, if you have got this then skip this step but if you have got another one then you have to unplug the plug to defrost it. 


After you empty the freezer, unplug it and open the front door of the freezer. Now it depends how much ice buildup is in your freezer it can either take 30 minutes or 1 hour as well. As the ice melts use a knife to remove it from the edge of the freezer wall and dispose it. If the water pool forms at the bottom then use a bucket to get rid of it. 


3. Wipe out the freezer

When house cleaning, now you are free to clean your freezer because you have removed the ice and the food from your deep freezer. The first thing you need to do is get rid of the debris that is stuck at the bottom of the freezer. Pick it out with your hands and throw it in the dustbin. 


After that you need to use vinegar to wipe the spills of the freezer. The easy way it to fill your sink with warm water and add some vinegar solution. Use the sponge to wipe your drawers, remove them from the freezer to clean the elbow and grease stuck on it. 


Make sure you rinse all of the cleaning solution. Also, wash the doors from outside and inside especially the rubber seal as it contains buildup of germs and grease, remove hard to clean areas it with toothbrush. 


4. Dry it

When house cleaning use a dry towel to dry the inside and outside of your freezer. Replace the drawers in your fridge which you removed for cleaning. Once it gets dry plug it back in. 


For more freezer cleaning tips call your local house cleaning Palm Beach Gardens experts.