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How to Clean Your Oven | House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens

You might have heard it before that an oven’s self cleaning function can be stinky. It’s so stinky that in fact you won’t even recommend it to run it well, ever. The reason is that we have got a better way to do it.


Today House cleaning Palm Beach Gardens is going to share a completely safe, natural and effective method method with you to get this job done without using any harsh chemical as well as no high-heat auto-cleaning with the smoke detector. It’s just going to take a little bit of your precious time and some elbow grease during the house cleaning process. The payoff is going to be worth it. The good thing about this whole house cleaning process is that you already have the essential items in your kitchen cabinet.


How to clean the oven?


For house cleaning you need the following things:

- Baking soda

- Water

- Gloves

- Damp dish cloth

- Plastic spatula

- Spray Bottle

- White vinegar



1. When house cleaning, the first thing you need to do is remove the oven racks, pizza stone, the oven thermometer and anything else which you have kept inside your kitchen oven. Put it aside.


2. In the second step of house cleaning you need to make a baking soda paste by taking a small bowl and mixing about ½ cup of baking soda by adding few tablespoons of water. For both stuff you need to adjust the ration until you get a spreadable paste solution. You can take about 3 tablespoons of water and spread it.


3. When house cleaning you need to coat your oven. Spread all of the paste you have created all over the oven interior surfaces, make sure you steer clear of the heating elements. You can wear gloves for this portion if you have a grimy oven. It can help you to get in there easily and coat the dirtiest nooks and crannies without worrying about the grime coming under your nails as well. When the baking soda will turn into brown color as you rub it might also get chunkier in other places but that is fine. You just make sure that you coat the oven to the best of your ability. You need to pay extra attention to the areas where it’s greasy.


4. In the fourth step of house cleaning you need to allow the baking soda mixture to rest for at least one complete night or 12 hours.


5. When house cleaning, clean the racks of the oven.


6. After 12 hours take a damp dish cloth and wipe the dried baking soda and use plastic spatula to scrape the paste.


7. When house cleaning, spray little vinegar everywhere in oven to turn residue of baking soda into foam.


8. Then take a damp cloth and wipe the remaining foamy vinegar-baking soda and repeat it until it’s gone.


9. Lastly, Replace all oven racks back inside.


For kitchen organization you can call your local house cleaning Palm Beach Gardens experts.