House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens - How to Clean Smelly Washing Machine
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House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens - How to Clean Smelly Washing Machine

Just be honest, when was the last time you cleaned your washing machine? It might sound odd to clean a washing machine that’s built to clean the stuff but washing machines can smell gross if not properly cleaned during the house cleaning process. The studies have revealed that the bacteria like salmonella and E.coli from your baby diapers and underwear is often present in the washing machines and it can leech onto the stuff what you think are your freshly-washed clothes.


To keep your washing machine in a good shape and odor free you can follow simple tips by house cleaning Palm Beach Gardens for house cleaning.


Step1: Clean the Seals

During the house cleaning process you might hate to bearer of the bad news but if smell is coming out from your washing machine it means that it’s likely due to mold and mildew. The front load washers are built with lots of rubber all around the door in order to prevent the water from coming out of the washing machine. THe main problem is that the seals create spaces for the soapy water to gather and if you can’t dry it out completely during the house cleaning then it’s perfect breeding ground for the mold.


So, during house cleaning, the first step is to clean the washing machine and get rid of the mold. For this you need to have a couple of rags and a spray bottle with one part of bleach solution and 10 parts of water. Open your washer door and start feeling around the rubber seal that is surrounding the door. cover your fingertips with the rag because there is a good chance that your fingertips are more likely to meet a patch of slimy mold.


Once you get behind the seal just clean it. First, wipe the seal with dry cloth and if the mold comes off then continue the process. After that take the bottle spray and spray it and wipe it again. Lastly, take a dry rag and clean it all over again.


Step 2: Clean the washing Machine Basin and Hoses

When house cleaning, if there is mold and mildew behind the seal of your washer it has chances to grow somewhere else too. To clean it you can either use expensive cleaner or bleach. Make sure the washer is completely empty during house cleaning. Pour bleach into detergent compartment and set the settings of washer on long cycle with hot water inside. Once the cycle completes if you notice bleach smell run it all over again until it’s gone.


Step 3: Keep Mold at Bay

Once your washer is clean and smells fresh after house cleaning, it gets easy to keep it that way just by keeping the door open after the washing process is complete. This way it will give enough airflow to keep the mold from coming back bt it will not be more than enough to be noticed.


To get more house cleaning hacks call your local house cleaning Palm beach gardens experts now.