Easy Ways to Remove Rust From the Metal Kitchen Items
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Easy Ways to Remove Rust From the Metal Kitchen Items

If you have got rusty pots and pans in your kitchen then keep in mind that you won’t just throw them in the dustbin straight away. During the house cleaning most of them can be easily salvaged with a little patience and some elbow grease as well. However, if you have got a pan that is cracked then dealing with the rust is not worth your time. It’s better that the pan should be discarded.


Here are some easy tips by House Cleaning Palm Beach Gardens which you can use to remove the rust from the metal kitchen items when house cleaning.


Method 1:


Use a steel wool to remove the thin layers of rust from the pans:

During the house cleaning process, if you have got the cookware that isn’t made up of stainless steel then all you need to do is get the steel wool and start scouring the rust from the pans. You can use a little bit of dish soap when scrubbing the pans. Like this you will prevent the major scratching.


Use the gentle scrubs like bar keepers for stainless steel:

During the house cleaning process, if the steel wool is not available or if your cookware is made of stainless steel, then you can try using the rust off with the bar keepers and the plastic scrubble as well.


Use all Natural Scrubs for any Pan:

During the house cleaning process if you are searching for a natural solution to scrub your pans then try using the following scouring options which our ancestors used to get rid of the rust.


- Make a paste made up of lemon juice and cream of tartar

- Grained sand (Don’t use on the stainless steel)


Method 2:

Cut the potato in half:

During the house cleaning process you need to the potato in half and use it on the pans that have thin layer to remove the rust.


Coat the potato with Baking Soda:

When house cleaning you need to put the potato cut upside down covered with the baking soda. You can cover the potato with baking soda and rub it off.


- If you have got just a potato and you haven’t got baking soda then you can use the potato as well with a little bit of dishwashing liquid.


Method 3:


Use the gentle acids to remove the rust:

During the house cleaning process you can use the simple acids in order to get rid of the rust from the stainless steel pans. You just need to soak your pans overnight in the acidic solution in order to weaken the rust and then rinse it. Use the following:


- Baking soda and water

- Lemon juice

- Vinegar


Soak the pan overnight in acidic solution:

When house cleaning you can add water to cut the acidity and also add 2 teaspoons of salt for much better results.


Scrub the Rust Next Morning:

If you have got bigger patches of the rust then you can simply use the steel wool.


For more house organizations tips you can call your local house cleaning palm beach gardens experts.